One morning, I was reading a blog post about tidy people, and how they don’t make messes all day long, and then get their house clean in one fell swoop. This got me thinking about my own habits. I do act like an untidy person all day. My house is always a mess until I can’t stand it anymore or guests are coming over. I would very much like to live in a neat, organized space. But do I want a tidy house twice as much as I want to be messy? Enough to actually make a change? Constantly cleaning and organizing takes time and effort. Just like being fit. Keeping your body fit takes upkeep. As difficult as it is to stay on top of things, it seems even more difficult to tackle the mess or the weight after it has piled up! So I was inspired to make a list identifying the five things fit people don’t do.

1. Fit people don’t eat junk food all weekend and start a diet every Monday. Fit people eat reasonably well all the time.

Let’s say your having a weekend get-away with friends. You know you will be eating most of your meals out or on the run. How does the fit person handle this?  A fit person never strings two bad meals together. If you know you are eating out for lunch and dinner, breakfast should be a healthy choice. Even when you are out and not following the rules, portion size still matters.  If you think it’s too much food you’re right!

2. Fit people don’t look for reasons not to go to the gym. They find a way to make working out part of their daily routine.

Don’t like the gym? No problem. Think like a fit person and combine coffee with a friend, walk and talk. Love the beach? Grab your partner and your bikes and go for a ride. Always wanted to try yoga? Find a friend and take a beginners class. Now fitness = fun, and it’s a lifestyle.

3. Fit people don’t crash diet for special occasions. They are always working towards their fitness, not just because they have an event coming up.

You’ve just finished biking with a friend followed by a shared waffle brunch at the new hot breakfast place. When you get  home you are surprised by an invitation to a cocktail party the next evening. No worries. You’ve been following the rules so your favorite dress always fits you!

4. Fit people don’t run out of healthy food choices.

Surround yourself with a variety of healthy foods not junk. When it’s time to make a meal, get creative with healthy choices, it doesn’t have to be boring or complicated!

5. Fit people don’t put taking care of themselves at the bottom of their to do list.

I’ts not selfish to take care of yourself. When you’re flying, they always tell you in the event of an emergency to put your own oxygen mask on first. If you’re not treating yourself well, you won’t be at your best to help others that you care about in your life.

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