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Hi, I'm Roni


Founder of Shine On And Glow & The Motifesting™ Method


I believe we all have a light within us. Sometimes the light is dim and when we look inside we can barely find the spark which inspires us. Other times we glow like a lighthouse, radiating bright beams that we shine on everyone and everything around us. I started Shine On and Glow with the intention of keeping my own spark ignited. It has since grown from an inspirational blog to a full blown coaching business. I hope my workshops and coaching services will infuse you with confidence, encourage you to trust your intuition, and empower you to manifest the business and life of your dreams!

The Fearless Girl…Who Codes

After graduating from college I started my career as a coder in NYC. This job didn’t quite match up to my teenage dreams of working on Wall Street, but I kicked a** and landed my next job at Merrill Lynch. One year later I was just a stone’s throw away from the “Charging Bull” later joined by the “Fearless Girl” of Wall Street. Always eager to learn and grow, two years later I had my first high level management job at the American Stock Exchange. This rough and tumble environment was filled with tremendous learning and growth. My experiences laid the groundwork for my dream job as a Principal, heading up the Investment Management Systems area at The Vanguard Group.

Although I was able to achieve my corporate goals, I faced many challenges as a woman in a male-dominated workforce. I experienced countless #metoo moments and unequal treatment, but I persevered and rose to the top. I know how hard being a woman in the workplace can be, which is why I now strive to help other female leaders and entrepreneurs navigate their careers. 

Mom & Philanthropist

I became an instant working step-mom when I married my husband, who had four children. Ken and I eventually had two more children and yes, that adds up to six! I was positive I would go back to work after my son was born but I was lucky enough to have the choice to be a stay-at-home mom. Unable to sit still, I channeled my energy into giving back to my community. I went from class mom, to PTA president, to fund-raiser, and after moving to San Diego, I spent 6 years helping raise $2 million+ for Rady Children’s Hospital.