Learn the 12-step process to manifest more money, success, and the extraordinary life you’re dreaming of
using the
 Motifesting™️ Method.

Roni McGuire and Friends Shine On and Glow Beach Photoshoot San Diego California Professional Photographer

Ready to release limiting beliefs and elevate your financial abundance in a way that feels aligned with your authentic self?

You know you’re destined for so much more in life: more money, more abundance, and more freedom.

You see how possible it is because you see other people talking about how they “manifested” this and “manifested that” all the time online, and you’re familiar with manifesting principles and maybe have even read all the books or created a kickass vision board, but can’t seem to apply them practically to your specific life.  What you truly desire still seems to elude you.

But now you’re ready to stop “trying” with manifesting and start “doing” so you can know for certain that you’re taking the right steps to manifest your deepest desires (even those you haven’t admitted to yourself yet.) 

Do any of these sound familiar?

💰You want financial success—BIG, life-changing financial success. Sometimes, you’re scared to admit that because you’ve been taught that “rich people” are selfish, greedy, and not nice. You are heart-centered and want all the things in a way that aligns with your integrity. You’re ready to rewrite your money story and learn to associate wealth with positivity, altruism, freedom, and the legacy you wish to create.

🪞 You are driven, an “overachiever,” and very successful by others’ standards, but when you look in the mirror, you never feel you are as successful as you could be. Some days, you feel like an imposter, and that you are letting others down. On the hardest days, you feel like throwing in the towel, selling everything and traveling the world.

🐹 Most days, you are like a hamster on a wheel in perpetual motions, and your self-care suffers. You’re burnt out, yet you keep doing all the things because you want to be the “go-to person” in your field. But like the hamster, you keep going, and not getting anywhere. You need help finding your north star, a clear vision, and getting on course to manifesting your big dreams.

 OMG, Roni, you’re in my head…how did you do that

Because I’ve been where you are right now,…confused, doubtful, and wondering why so many people around me manifest their dream lives and businesses,  but I’m stuck on a hamster wheel.

Here are the four reasons you may not be manifesting the financial abundance and success you are reaching for:

1. Your MINDSET is off, and you don’t know how to elevate your mood and energy to the frequency that will help you attract what you want.

2. Your VISION Isn’t Clear: You have some ideas, but they are all over the place and like pieces of a puzzle you can’t put together.

3. You feel UNFOCUSED, wondering what tasks you should work on or what you should say Yes or No to. Some Days, you feel like a fly on a windshield.

4. Now you’re frustrated, STUCK, and not taking the right actions or any actions at all.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

And I am here to tell you that the dream life you’re craving is possible.

Let’s Dream About That Day, Shall We?

Transforming Your Money Story 💸

You’ve rewritten your money story. Even when a negative thought pops up, you squash it easily. You now associate money with freedom, empowerment, and opportunity. Earning, saving, and investing are second nature. Your wardrobe is refreshed, your investments are thriving, and abundance flows effortlessly.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and External Noise 💃🏼

Imposter syndrome and listening to others used to hold you back. Not anymore. Your daily mindset practice keeps you grounded in gratitude and abundance. You quickly refocus, tune out external noise, and listen to your inner voice, aligning your actions with your true desires.

Snapping Out of the Hamster Wheel ☀️

When life feels like a hamster wheel, you snap out of it quickly. You silence distractions, take a deep breath, and refocus on what’s important. Celebrating every success, you stay aligned with your goals and take action, even on the toughest days.

That dream day is waiting for you on the other side of The Monthly Manifesting Collective: a 6 month community based program to help you manifest more wealth and abundance than you ever thought possible.

Roni ✨ Business and Manifestation Mentor

Hey, I’m Roni!

Online business mentor, Six Million in real estate owner, former Wall Street exec, mom of 6, and lover of all things woo-woo.

As the founder of Shine On And Glow & The Motifesting™ Method, I believe in igniting the spark within us all.

From my early days navigating Wall Street to my journey as a working mom/step-mom and philanthropist, I’ve learned the power of perseverance and intuition.

Driven by my experiences, I now help female leaders and entrepreneurs manifest their big dreams in business and life.

Through workshops, coaching, and my Motifesting™ Method, I empower others to trust their intuition, find confidence, and manifest success.

     By doing this work, I was able to…

    • Build a multiple six-figure career on Wall Street
    • Buy multiple dream homes on both coasts that I put on my vision boards
    • Have a 90k day in sales
    • Live a lifestyle most only dream about
    • Create a business that allows me the flexibility and freedom to travel, do what I love, and build wealth.

    And in many ways, I feel like I’m just getting started.

    While working with many women in workshops and coaching sessions, I started seeing similar patterns.

    So, I began teaching the methods and tools that have brought me so much financial success, dream homes, dream experiences, and the dream life I had been envisioning since my teens.


    And it started working for them… 

    Take Erika who put her business foundations in place, raised her prices, and signed SIX new clients!

    Or Catalina who’s journey from dire financial stress to having my biggest income month ever ($20k), to investing in myself and my future with significant contributions to my savings.

    Or Dr. Kristy, a single mom of three, who despite challenges, embraced her vision, said YES to aligned action, and achieved remarkable results.

    Wanna know the only difference between Erika, Catalina, Kristy, myself and you?

    The Motifesting Method: my proven repeatable process for turning your wildest dreams into a reality

    Motifesting Method Shine On and Glow Roni McGuire Manifesting Journaling Leadership Coaching Group Mastermind

    And the best part? You can use this over and over again for each new manifestation you want to bring to life.

    Inside of the Collective you get access to 12 months worth of specifically curated workshops to help you bring about more wealth and abundance into your life, leaning on the science based principles of manifestation.

    When you join the manifesting collective, you are joining a sisterhood. You are building a soul-aligned community of others who will help uplift you and support you energetically and strategically in achieving your Biggest, Boldest dreams.

    In addition to the tools I’ve developed and tested for six years, you receive LIVE COACHING with other women like you who have big dreams and goals and want to create life-changing financial abundance for themselves and their loved ones.

    When you don’t give up, that’s
    when the magic happens.

    Roni McGuire and Friends Shine On and Glow Beach Photoshoot San Diego California Professional Photographer

    Here are some areas of research and how they lend support to manifestation from Psychology Today:

    Stanford University Psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck’s growth mindset research,, clearly shows that believing you can do something makes it more likely that you’ll succeed at it. Your beliefs about your ability to learn, grow, and succeed affect whether you effectively manifest what you desire.

    Research also shows that if you’re feeling bad, you’re more likely to interpret neutral circumstances negatively. When you have a positive attitude, you can see the ways in which you’ve already successfully manifested some of your dreams!

    Positive people attract more opportunities, have better relationships, and seem to manifest more easily. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want, has shown that happiness leads to success and not the other way around. 

    What others are manifesting inside MMC...

    Jazmin Cornejo | JMC OBM
    “I took my business from 3K to 10K a month consistently and helped me move forward with building a community I love!”

     Pamela Wylie | Fractional Sales Leader
    “I learned to lock in on my vision and let go of the ‘how’ to take the right action was pivotal in my business journey.”

    Dr. Kristy Swanson | The Nurture Collective
    “I bought my first home, cleared my credit card debt, and I tripled the income generated by my side hustle.”

    Rachael Cohen | Author & Spiritual Coach
    “Roni helped me move through imposter syndrome, ask for the prices that I truly deserve, and find my new book agent.”

    Jessica Porté | Grief Care Consulting
    “Roni actively listens. The diversity of personalities and industries, where feedback was heard and appreciated, showed me what kind of community Roni wanted to cultivate.”

    Kristen Kurtz | Life & Health Coach
    “Roni helped me fall back in love with my business, adjust my mindset to expect success and I realize I didn’t need complex systems to make my business successful.”

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