Dreams do come true! So how do we bring them to life? With vision boards and The Motifesting Method! Take These 4 steps to meet your goals and manifest your dreams. Read on, you will get motivated, find tips on visualization, get focused and manifest your abundant life. I’ve been using the motifesting method since I was a teenager to create a life I love. My method just didn’t have a name back then.

Motifesting™ Step 1-Get Motivated:

When I am ready to create and manifest new hopes and dreams in my life, the first thing I do is activate my motivation. Even when we want to bring new energy into our lives, we don’t always wake up fired-up with inspiration. So what can we do? 

  • Journal when you wake up and clear anything weighing on your mind. I write at least 3 full pages.
  • Mediate for 5 minutes-ask for help, energy, and co-creation to flow through you.
  • Take a walk outside and let your mind wander.
  • Choose anything that works to relax you and help you tap into your creativity.

Motifesting™Step 2:-Imagine what you want

This is where the vision boards come in. It is great to begin working on one right after you do any of the motivation exercises above. You will be open and in a state of positive flow. Vision boarding is about following your instincts and creativity. Don’t think too hard! Choose images and words that jump out at you, inspire you and make you feel good. One of the MOST important things to remember when creating a vision board, is how the vision you’re creating on your board will make you feel. Manifesting the life you want isn’t just about getting stuff! 

Motifesting™Step 3-Focus

Just having a vision doesn’t make our dreams come to life. The more you develop your vision boarding and manifesting skills the more you will subconsciously focus and take action to make them happen. When you are just getting started, or if you are rusty, you need to make sure you actually focus on what you want to create on a regular basis. This could be daily, once a week or once a month. It’s personal. I hang my vision boards where I can see them every day. When I’m working on my goals, I really look at every inch of the board, I FEEL what it is like to be living the life I’ve projected on paper. This focus imprints my dreams on my subconscious and leads me to step 4. 

Motifesting™Step 4: Manifest it, Bring it to life!

Get into action, make lists with dates, and don’t be afraid to go big and get specific. I believe there is a little energergetic magic sprinkled into vision boards, but you can not manifest your dreams without taking action. If you put a picture of you crossing the finish line in a marathon on your vision board, you will need to train for it. You won’t wake up the day of the race and run 26.2 miles without preparation. One of the secrets to success in manifesting the life of your dreams is to break your actions into small doable steps every day. They add up to big changes! I highly recommend you read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Small changes = Huge results over time!

I personally think you can never have too many vision boards. They can be fun and free spirited like the one I’m holding in the post picture. They can be targeted to one area of your life that you are really focusing on, or your vision board can map out the next few years ahead. What they all have in common, is they actually become a “strategic plan” for your life that you take action on. #motifesting