The act of getting motivated, Imagining what you want and then manifesting it in your life.

ex. “I am motifesting a crowd funding campaign for my new business.”

or “I am motifesting a new life for myself after my divorce.”


“Roni is a Visionista! It’s no surprise that the woman who branded MOTIFESTING knows how to deliver! I was lucky to have Roni participate in an open house event for my business recently, and asked her to offer her vision-board workshop for us. The Shine On and Glow founder’s easy going, yet detail-oriented style was the perfect mix of informative and fun. Her uplifting workshop spoke of the incredible power of envisioning your dreams and literally putting them on paper. Roni included her own examples of how she has used MOTIFESTING through vision-boarding which were very instrumental is sparking our own creativity and brainpower that highly enriched my event. I’m a huge fan of this woman and her work!” -Cynthia Delaney, Founder of Equilibrium by Cynthia


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MOTIFESTING Through Vision Boards with Roni McGuire

Date: January 26, 2018


Equilibrium Yoga Headquarters
Encinitas, California

Photos from the workshop: